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A worldwide investigation into the future of cities [more]

Urban Age Award
Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award

The annual Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award celebrates the Urban Age mission that connects quality of life to the quality of the urban environment. [more]

Hong Kong 2011
Hong Kong 2011

The 2011 Urban Age conference "Cities, Health and Well-Being" in Hong Kong dealt with the question of how to live a healthy life in Megacities. [more]

Urban Age

By the end of the 21st century, two-thirds of the world's population will be living in cities or urban centres, and 2020 1.4 billion people will be living in slums. Cities are the engines of the world’s economic, cultural and scientific development. It is here that all the problems facing our world today confront each other in the most confined of spaces. Therefore, the issue is not whether cities will continue to grow but how, where and what kind of cities do we wish to live in the future.

For this reason, the Alfred Herrhausen Society (AHS), together with the London School of Economics (LSE), set up its Urban Age project.

Urban Age analyses the problems facing mega-cities, brings mayors, architects, city planners, scientists and NGO's together and enables them to learn from one another. An international network of competence has been growing since 2005 - a mobile think-tank - with the goal of finding better solutions for our cities.  
Up to now, conferences have taken place in New York, Shanghai, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Berlin, Mumbai, São Paulo and Istanbul. Topics such as traffic, security, governability, sustainability and the use of public spaces have defined the discussions depending on their relevance for each city. Here, the AHS brings to bear its experiences regarding the issue of governability and the economic competence of a global company, Deutsche Bank.

As there was no Urban Age conference in 2010, the Alfred Herrhausen Society and LSE were organising together with the Brookings Institution the “Global Metro Summit – Delivering the Next Economy” in December in Chicago.

The Urban Age conference about “Cities, Health and Well-Being” took place on November 16–17, 2011, in Hong Kong. This year it was in partnership with the University of Hong Kong.
Initial analyses and outcomes of the conference series have been compiled in the book entitled “The Endless City”. The second book Living in the Endless City” came out in summer 2011.

Since 2010 LSE Cities a new centre of urban excellence has been created to develope new programms of research, education and outreach that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

As part of the Urban Age conferences, the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award distinguishes exemplary partnerships dedicated to improving the standard of living in their cities.

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Deutsche Bank Urban Age AwardThe winners of the 7th Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award were announced and celebrated in Delhi on 14 November 2014 [more]

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