„Caught between two stools – Europe’s 5G dilemma“: Lunch with Janka Oertel

„Caught between two stools – Europe’s 5G dilemma“

Starting early 2020, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is launching a new series of lunch events. These lunch events take up the issues of “Think. Order. Form. Forwards“. The anthology with short essays that carry forward Alfred Herrhausen’s thoughts in current discourses has been published by Siedler Verlag last year (German only).

Janka Oertel, Director Asia Programme & Senior Policy Fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations ECFR, will be kicking off the first event. In Think. Order. Form. Forwards, she is the author of the essay “The new pacific challenge: Cold war reloaded”. Her keynote „Caught between two stools – Europe’s 5G dilemma“, picks up the debate about a possible exclusion of Huawei from the implementation of 5G technology. The keynote will be followed by a moderated discussion about economic, technological and security policy related consequences of such a decision with the participants.

Further lunches will take place on 27 February and 8 April. The participation is by invitation only. For more information please contact info.ahg@db.com.

„Think. Order. Form. Forwards“ has been published by Siedler Verlag and is for sale at bookshops and also available as audio book. If you wish not only to read but to listen and watch, then visit „Weiter. Denken. Ordnen. Gestalten“, which informs about the project and provides videos and podcasts.

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