Exhibition „Conflicts of an Urban Age“ at TU Berlin

Until 2 December 2018, the exhibition “Conflicts of an Urban Age” and other exhibits and films about the project Urban Lab Medellín/Berlin are shown in the architecture building of TU Berlin

“Conflicts of an Urban Age”: Exhibition at TU Berlin

In entrance hall of the architecture building at TU Berlin, the exhibition “Conflicts of an Urban Age” as well as exhibits and films about the project Urban Lab Medellín/Berlin will be on display until 2 December 2018.

„Conflicts of an Urban Age“ has been created within the Urban Age Program of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and LSE Cities. The exhibition visualizes the consequences of rapid urban growth, as it can be observed since the 1990ies, and shows how cities react to the immense challenges of urbanisation.

The program Urban Lab Medellin/Berlin is an initiative of architects and students of architecture, with the aim to develop and test new concepts of urban planning in both cities. In the exhibition, the initiators of the Urban Lab show a model of the urban intervention „Escaleras Oasis Tropical“ in the quarter Moravia in Medellín as well as posters with results of the project.

On June 9th, the exhibition was opened with Elisabeth Mansfeld (AHG) Philipp Misselwitz and Nina Pawlicki (TU Berlin), as well as Maximilian Becker, Albert Kreisel and Tobias Schrammek (Urban Oasis).

Exhibition “Conflicts of an Urban Age”

Haus der Architektur der TUB | Technische Universität Berlin

Straße des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin

In the entrance hall of Architecture building.

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