Salon evening Neuro-Urbanism with Richard Sennett

The Interdisciplinary Forum on Neuro-Urbanism invites to a talks with urbanist Richard Sennett. Sennett will be presenting his new book „The Open City“.


How do cities influence their inhabitants? How can the structure of an urban quarter shape the behaviour of its dwellers? Can the design of a city determine the integrity of a society? Does it affect our understanding of the human image, and how we treat our fellow men? Is it possible to take a reading from a townscape’s history, regarding the emotional and moral constitution of a society?

To discuss these and other questions, the Interdisciplinary Forum on Neuro-Urbanism invites to a salon evening with Richard Sennett. The salon will take place on 11 January, starting at 5 pm in the Quartier Zukunft in Berlin (doors open 4.30 pm).

Richard Sennett, one of the leading urbanists of our time, will present his thesis and assumptions which he summed up in his new book “The Open City”. Sennett pleads for an open city that is able to stimulate cooperation and societal cohesion. He claims an ethics for our growing cities that is needed today more than ever.

Ludwig Engel, futurologist and urbanist, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge, professor for psychological and medical integration and migration research at the Charité in Berlin, Prof. Dr .Rainer Hehl, Institute for Architecture, Technische Universität Berlin, and PD Dr. Mazda Adli, Charité/ Universitätsmedizin and Fliedner Klinik Berlin, will join the discussion with Richard Sennett.

The event will be held in English.

The event is intended for invited guests only. If you wish to attend, please contact Registration is open until 20 December. Please note that space is limited. We will therefore confirm your participation on 21 December 2018.

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