Since the end of the Second World War, Europe has experienced an unprecedented success story: never before in its history have the nations of Europe lived for so long in peace and prosperity. Freedom, the rule of law and human rights are the common values of this democratic Europe. Nevertheless, what we have almost taken for granted is being questioned again today: nationalism and populism are driving communities apart. China and Russia are challenging European coherence, while the United States is retreating from its role as a liberal regulatory force. The time has come to stand up for an open society within the European Union and for its ability to act outside of the bloc. In our Europe programme, we dedicate efforts to the continued existence of a peaceful, democratic and unified Europe that acts as an example for the liberal world order.

Media library

  • Podcast Europe

    Multilateralism in the ICU: What Covid-19 means for the global order

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  • weiter_gedacht_podcast_europa_facebook_1200x1200.jpg

    Digitisation and the politics of the future - opportunities and challenges for democracy and international relations under digital conditions

    Listen now (German only)
  • Weitergedacht - der Podcast

    Modern-day oracles? What strategic foresight can do for our society

    Listen now (German only)


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