Event Overview

01/12/2017, Berlin

„Denk ich an Deutschland“ Conference

 “Europe’s hour – what Germany must tackle now”, this has been discussed by Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and F.A.Z. with numerous speakers and guests on December 1st in Berlin. 2017 was a fateful year for Europe and the EU. Critics and supporters of the EU most likely agree on one aspect: It´s time for change. But what kind of change? And which role does Germany – once the sick man, today Europe´s most successful national economy – play?


03-21/07/2017, Berlin

Urban Lab Medellín | Berlin, Summer School

The workshop is the second part of the project „Urban Lab Medellin | Berlin“. In Berlin, Columbian and German architecture students and experts will come together again to test and further develop results from the Spring School in Medellín in Kreuzberg, for many years Berlin’s melting pot and scene of different processes of urbanization.

13/07/2017, Berlin

Listening cinema” and panel discussion: The city as garden

In the context of the exhibition „Roberto Burle Marx: Tropische Moderne“, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, the Embassy of Brazil and Deutschlandradio Kultur jointly invite to the radio feature “Utopia Ser Verde” which will be broadcasted followed by a discussion.

02/07/2017, Berlin

TEDxBerlinSalon Democracy

A decreasing voter turn-out and growing distrust in politics and political parties are facing an increase in the usage of new technologies for political participation and opinion making. Is democracy as we know it put to a test?


21/06-29/07/2017, Berlin

Conflicts of an Urban Age

Urbanization made visible: „Conflicts of an Urban Age“ demonstrated the vast consequences of rapid urban growth and showed how cities react to the enormous challenges. The exhibition that was shown in Berlin was based on the correspondent special exhibition at the Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice. In Berlin, some more exhibits were added, that analyzed and visualized specific developments of the German capital region.


13/05/2017, Berlin

Digital Society Studio

The Digital Society Studio unites ca. 150 guests with different scientific backgrounds, artists, authors and invitees from politics, economy and civil society with the aim to discuss societal consequences of digitalization, focusing on virtues, legislation and prosperity. The Digital Society Studio is the second component of the international Digital Future Conference and is jointly organized by Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Tagesspiegel. more

12/05/2017, Berlin

Digital Science Match

Up to 50 researchers of Berlin’s scientific institutions and their German and international partners will feature their latest technological innovations in keynotes and 5-minute presentations in a single day. Central themes will be, for example, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, digital sovereignty and high performance computing. The Digital Science Match is the start of the international Digital Future Conference and is jointly organized by Tagesspiegel Science Match, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Zuse Institut Berlin, Berlin Big Data Center and Einstein Center Digital Future. more

10/05/2017, Berlin

„Stress and the City“

Can cities make us ill? And if so, why are they still good for us? In “Stress and the City”, Mazda Adli, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, asks how our brain reacts to permanent stimuli in the city. He draws the conclusion that urbanization will influence our health as significantly as climate change. On May 10th, he will present his new book. It is a result of his work in the interdisciplinary forum on Neuro-Urbanism that he founded with Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and other experts.


25/02/-18/03/2017, Medellín

Urban Lab Medellín | Berlin, Spring School

As part of the project „Urban Lab Medellin | Berlin”, the three-week workshop will take place in the barrio popular Moravia in Medellín, Columbia, supported by AHG and several other partners. The quarter itself has a history of informal urbanization, being transformed from an inner city garbage dump in the 70ies into a lively neighborhood. The Spring School aims at intercultural exchange and coproduction: Mixed teams of German and Columbian students and local leaders will work a broad range of tasks.

17/02/2017, Munich

Security “Architecture”: Managing Threats in an Urban Age

In light of the latest terrorist attacks in Berlin, Istanbul, Nice and Paris as well as of rapid technological advancements, “urban security” has moved to the top of the agenda of many policy-makers. On February 17, 2017, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, in partnership with Munich Security Conference and LSE Cities, invites leading security experts, political decision-makers and experts from academia and civil society to discuss a shift in security politics in increasingly complex urban settings.

Events 2016

07/11/2016, Berlin

„Beyond the Protocol“ – Polis 180 Workshop

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is hosting a workshop of the think tank Polis 180, named “Beyond the Protocol – Women and International Politics in Germany and Ukraine“. For four days, young participants from both countries will discuss the role of women in peace and international security with high-ranking experts involved in foreign policy-making, international negotiation processes, research and gender mainstreaming.

26/10/2016, Berlin

Payday? A post-election future of the transatlantic economy

The current U.S. election intrigues as much as it concerns. For the first time in history, both parties appear to turn their backs on the ideals of free and open markets. Just before the U.S. elections Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and WirtschaftsWoche host a discussion with a live broadcast from New York.
Robert Zoellick, Karen Donfried and Miriam Meckel will hold their discussion in New York, moderated by Gregor Peter Schmitz. The moderation in Berlin will be lead by Thomas Matussek.


19/10/2016, Quito, Ecuador

Habitat III Urban Talk - Designing the Urban Age

On 19 October 2016, Ricky Burdett, Joan Clos, Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen delivered one of three evening Urban Talks, which were central to the official United Nations Habitat III programme. Habitat III is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development which took place in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 – 20 October 2016. The presentations focused on the themes of opening, recapturing and designing cities, and presented the "Quito Papers"


12/10/2016, Berlin

Herrhausen Lecture: The U.S. elections and their importance for the transatlantic relationship

Peter Wittig, German Ambassador to the United States, speaks in our Herrhausen Lecture series about the U.S. elections.

23/09/2016, Berlin

Denk ich an Deutschland Conference

"Deutschland 2025 - Haben wir's geschafft?" is the question that Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung want to ask on this year's "Denk ich an Deutschland" conference, 23 September, in Berlin. Focusing on the topic of migration and integration, we dare a look into the future of Germany with the help of future scenarios. How will we evaluate Angela Merkels sentence "We will manage it" by then?


29/08/2016, Alpbach

European Forum Alpbach

This year, the European Forum Alpbach in Austria focuses on a New Enlightenment. With "Overcoming the Credibility Gap", Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is organizing a panel discussion at Alpbach on 29 August. After a keynote of Prof. Hans Mathias Kepplinger (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Tamara Anthony (ARD), Nicolaus Heinen (Linde AG) and Jana Puglierin (Alfred Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies) will join the panel.


14-15/07/2016, Venice

Urban Age Conference

“Shaping Cities: conflicts of an urban age” titles this year's Urban Age conference, jointly organized with LSE Cities and co-hosted by la Biennale die Venezia. It took place at Teatro alle Tese, Arsenale in Venice, on 14 and 15 July 2016.


28/06/16, Berlin

Herrhausen Lecture: Ukraine: from "legitimate backyard of Russia" to new EU frontier

Svitlana Zalishchuk, member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, spoke in our Herrhausen Lecture series. The title of her talk at Free University Berlin was "Ukraine: from 'legitimate backyard of Russia' to new EU frontier". more

13/06/16, Berlin

Villa Aurora Night

The Villa Aurora Forum Berlin and the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft organized this year’s Villa Aurora Night at the Museum of Photography. The current exhibition “7 days” was presented as well as the exhibition-project “Renaissance and Reformation: Art in the Age of Dürer and Cranach”. Historian Heinrich August Winkler and Tagesspiegel chief-editor Christoph von Marshall discussed the dynamics concerning the current US-election campaign.

28/05– 27/11/2016, Venice

Urban Age Exhibition

"Report from Cities: conflicts of an urban age" is a special project of the Architecture Biennale 2016 realised by La Biennale di Venezia. Curated and organised by LSE Cities at the London School of Economics and Political Science with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft as part of the Urban Age programme. Presented in relation to United Nations’Habitat III. The exhibition is open to the public from 28 May to 27 November 2016.


13-14/05/2016, Berlin

Club of Three: Russia Meeting

This year the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft was partner and host of the Club of Three. Russia has been the focus and host country, while the meeting took place at Deutsche Bank in Berlin. The Strategic Dialogue's Club of Three's annual Plenary Meetings foster a forthright exchange of views on the challenges of our time, engaging key strategic European partners at the highest levels.

26/04/2016, Berlin

US Elections 2016: Setting the Course for America?

In the run-up to the US election 2016 Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt organised a discussion on the topics of the current election campaign in cooperation with U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress.

Carol Moseley Braun (Democratic Party) and Mary Bono (Republican Party), both former Members of Congress, discussed the upcoming US election with us. On April 25, 2016 a debate took place at the BMW Welt in Munich, on April 26 the event was hosted at Deutsche Bank, Berlin.


16/03/2016, Berlin

European Identity: Discussion Dinner with Lord Stephen Green

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft has invited Lord Stephen Green to discuss his latest book "The European Identity: Historical and Cultural Realities We Cannot Deny". Particularly in the light of the upcoming British referendum on a possible exit from the EU, this evening aims at contributing to the exchange of opinions between the elites of the UK and the European continent.

01/03/2016, Berlin


The urbanXchanger teams presented and discussed the results of the projects from Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Cape Town and New-Delhi in a workshop at the Architecture Forum at TU Berlin. As part of the exhibition “Report from Cities: Conflicts of an Urban Age” the results of the projects are shown at the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice until November 2016. more

25/02/2016, Berlin

The Future of Ukraine

An informal discussion with Ukrainian MPs, German decision-makers, Russian intellectuals, experts and journalists on the challenges for Ukraine and its relations with Russia and the European Union.


04/02/2016, Berlin

What Does Muslim Integration Look Like?

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Los Angeles-based Zócalo Public Square organized a panel discussion in Berlin on the challenges and opportunities of the integration of Muslim immigrants in Germany and the U.S. The panel was chaired by Rick Stengel, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

19/01/2016, Berlin

Herrhausen Lecture: China in International Order

CHEN Zhimin is Director of the Department of International Politics at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA), Fudan University Shanghai. He held the first Herrhausen Lecture of the year on "China in International Order: From Rule-taker/keeper to Rule-shaper" at Freie Universität Berlin.


Events 2015

08/12/2015, Berlin

Herrhausen Lecture: Beyond the Justice Cascade

Kathryn Sikkink, Professor for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University held the final Herrhausen Lecture of the year on "Beyond the Justice Cascade; New Findings on International Criminal Accountability" at Freie Universität Berlin.

19/11-03/12/2015, London

URBAN AGE 10 Global Debates

To mark the 10th anniversary of Urban Age, LSE Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Society will organise the discussion series Global Debates in collaboration with Guardian Cities in London in November 2015.

04/11/2015, Berlin

CitySenses ("StadtSinne")

CitySenses ("StadtSinne") explores the city of Berlin and its peculiarities with all the senses. Organised in cooperation with Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, the event is part of the STADT/BILD.Xenopolis (CITY/PICTURE.City of Strangers) exhibition.


18/09/2015, Berlin

Denk ich an Deutschland Conference

Title: "The World Out Of Joint. Searching for New Certainties". Is the era of stability and order over? How do we deal with social inertia in Germany and Europe? We will discuss these questions with politicians and experts. more

06/09/2015, Teheran

Shaping Cities Through Culture

The Alfred Herrhausen Society and LSE Cities will hold a workshop in Tehran to facilitate an exchange between artists, sociologists and practitioners on how culture reshapes the social and economic landscape of cities like Berlin, London, and Tehran.

Starting September 2015


In four of the previous Urban Age Award partner cities - São Paulo, Mexico City, Cape Town and New Delhi - teams of urban practitioners have been chosen and paired up each with teams of urban practitioners from Berlin to test collaborative modes of working with community initiatives.

01/07/2015, Berlin

Herrhausen Symposium on Responsibility

Taking responsibility is demanding. But avoiding it can be dangerous. An invitation to jointly reflect on responsibility - in society, business and politics.

23/06/2015, Berlin

Herrhausen Lecture:
External State Building

Stephen D. Krasner spoke at the Otto Suhr Institute in Berlin. The political scientist from Stanford focused on international relations and state sovereignty.

22/06/2015, Hamburg

TEDxHamburg: Exploring New Territories

Today "terra incognita" – tomorrow a new trend? The innovation conference TEDxHamburg on 22nd June offered an opportunity to explore new ideas and impulses in an unconventional manner.

31/05-02/06/2015, New York

The Notion of Progress in the Diversity of World Cultures

The UN want to adopt a new development agenda in 2015. How can this agenda take diverse regional conditions into account? How can the inclusion of non-Western perspectives be ensured? The conference on "The Notion of Progress in the Diversity of World Cultures" established a basis for this.

21/04/2015, Berlin

Failing as Opportunity

Failure – the End or a New Beginning? Our speakers joined us for a German-American dialogue with entrepreneurs, experts and practitioners and discussed the differences between the American and German ways of failing and dealing with failure.

31/03/2015, Berlin

How do we create cities together

If cities are to be worth living in, their inhabitants must have an opportunity to participate in their design. With Richard Sennett (LSE), Stefan Horn (urban dialogues), Regula Lüscher (Berlin Senate) and Marcus Rosa (architect, Sao Paulo).

24/03/2015, Berlin

Cities for People

For more than 40 years architect and urban planner Jan Gehl has helped to improve the quality of squares, streets and even entire city districts for the benefit of the residents. The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and publishing house JOVIS invited him to an evening together in Berlin.

Events 2014

14/11/2014, New Delhi

Urban Age: Governing Urban Futures

The 13th Urban Age Conference on "Governing Urban Futures" was jointly organised by LSE Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and was held on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th November 2014 in New Delhi.

14/11/2014, New Delhi

Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award

Creating jobs with garbage: How the huge amounts of garbage in cities like New Delhi can be turned into a source of employment has been clearly demonstrated by the Chintan and Goonj initiatives. They shared prize money of 100,000 USD.

05/11/2014, Berlin

The Grand Coalition under the test of time

Spotlight on the Grand Coalition: German democracy is changing and with it the party political system – and not just since the parliamentary elections in 2013. What consequences has the election outcome had for politics and the way Germany is governed?

26/09/2014, Berlin

Denk ich an Deutschland Conference

The 6th Denk ich an Deutschland Conference, which was dedicated to the memory of Alfred Herrhausen, addressed the question of what digitisation means - for banks, for Germany, for society, as well as for policy makers and their task of establishing a regulatory framework.

02/07/2014, Berlin

Eroding Trust Symposium

Here today, gone tomorrow – ERODING TRUST: more than mere crisis rhetoric? This was the title of the interdisciplinary symposium organised jointly by the Alfred Herrhausen Society and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center on 2 July 2014 in Berlin.

09/05/2014, Berlin

Europe – Dream and Reality

In the run-up to the European parliamentary elections, we invited novelists, philosophers, politicians and economists to discuss the European model of civilisation. We also included external perspectives from Brazil, China, India and the USA.

11/04/2014, Berlin

Aung San Suu Kyi visits the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi discussed with 40 guests from politics, business, media and society the democratisation process as well as the upcoming elections in Myanmar after almost fifty years of military dictatorship.

07/04/2014, Berlin

Stress and the City

The „Stress and the City“ series continued in the framework of the 2014 Berlin Foundation Week and sought the exchange between urban disciplines, neuroscience and politics. Moreover, the perspectives and limits of generating emotional or psychological city maps were in the focus of this event.

03 - 05/04/2014, Berlin

City - Religion - Capitalism: Turning Points of Civilization

Richard Sennett and David Chipperfield explored the concept of the city, Angelika Neuwirth and José Casanova discussed the role of religion as a catalyst of history, and Saskia Sassen and Joseph Vogl dealt with the present and, at the same time, historical facets of capitalism.

14/02/2014, Berlin

Book presentation with Gerhard Schröder and Martin Schulz

In cooperation with the publishing house Verlag Herder, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft hosted a presentation of the book "KLARE WORTE" (CLEAR WORDS), followed by a discussion with former German Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz.