We must say what we think,
we must do what we say,
and we must be what we do.

Alfred Herrhausen

About us

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is the international forum of Deutsche Bank. In memory of Alfred Herrhausen, we promote the exchange of ideas and the examination of the key issues of our time.
Alfred Herrhausen was a man of dialogue. He was a constant proponent of thought and action that transcended boundaries. In the spirit of his legacy, the Herrhausen Gesellschaft creates platforms for discussion and analysis.
We are an independent body funded by Deutsche Bank. The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is an expression of Deutsche Bank's global commitment to its corporate and social responsibilities.

What we do

We seek traces of the future in the present: we identify trends, explore intellectual frontiers and conceptualise topics for analysis and debate. We promote research and get involved in debates on current issues. Working with partners from politics, economics, science and society, we establish discussion forums across the globe.

Why we do it

We live in a world of political, economic and intellectual upheaval. None of the major issues of our time can be solved by taking an isolated regional or national approach. The interdependencies of the modern world commit us to take an international perspective, to think flexibly and to develop solutions that are culturally inclusive.
We believe that interdisciplinary discussions create ideas and solutions for a better tomorrow. For this reason, we see our task as identifying the challenges of the future and, in doing so, laying the foundation for a perpetual examination of global social trends.

Who we do it for

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is aimed at people who assume responsibility.
We speak to decision-makers and shapers of the future from the fields of politics and economics, the media and civil society – at a national and international level.

How we do it

We bring people together who would not otherwise come together without our help.
We initiate dialogue. We create interdisciplinary discussion. We promote the exchange of ideas. We do all this within the framework of discussion forums, conferences and publications.
The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft does not act as a sponsor. We are a non-profit organisation that carries out its own projects and is financed by Deutsche Bank.