What is Politikwerkstatt?

No matter if in our daily life, we are engaged with foreign policy or not – our personal interests and perspectives will depend on the development of our foreign relations. Therefore, debating the essential questions about European policies should not be left to policy makers and experts alone. More exchange with citizens is needed, especially with opinion leaders and influencers in their specific surroundings. With the new project “Politikwerkstatt”, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and the German Council of Foreign Relations (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik – DGAP) create a new platform for this important discourse.

Why Politikwerkstatt?

Democratic support for foreign policy can only be fostered through a wider societal discussion involving more participants than just the political elite. It is for this reason that Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and the DGAP are planning a series of interactive workshops, the scope of which will provide previously unheard voices with a forum as well as developing new approaches to finding solutions. The aim is to focus on delivering answers for foreign policy questions, adding new perspectives to the political debate in the process.

How does Politikwerkstatt function?

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and DGAP are currently working on an inclusive format that will involve new target groups in finding responses to issues that are all too frequently addressed solely by the political elite and think tanks. For instance, these could include regional stakeholders, such as local journalists or employees of chambers of industry and commerce, school principals or other disseminators from outside the political community. Politikwerkstatt fosters an intensive exchange among their participants and enable the development of new positions. No previous expertise is needed: During the event, the guests will be given an issue related update.

A final publication will record the positions that have been developed during the event series. The results will also be presented during the next “Denk ich an Deutschland” conference and will be integrated in discourses with politicians.

Documentations of the events are published in our Publications section, in German only.

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