Free Thinking provides us with the flexibility to take on issues in addition to our defined programmes. Allowing ourselves this freedom was a very deliberate step. Whereas in Cities and Europe we acquire in-depth knowledge and work on certain projects on a long-term basis, here, we can respond to important and relevant requirements of our time. Thus, our work remains open for new questions and perspectives.

Today, Alfred Herrhausen’s concerns and viewpoints are more topical than ever, even 30 years after his death. Therefore, our first projects in Free Thinking are a reappraisal of his values and beliefs. We combine the content of his writings and lectures with reflections from today’s point of view. By this means, we transfer his visionary thinking into the present and reveal ways of shaping the society of today and tomorrow, in line with Herrhausen’s ideas.

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft established the programme Free Thinking at the beginning of 2018. In 2019, we realised the multimedia project Think. Order. Form. Forwards, amongst others, with the publication of a book. The new project #ThinkForwards2020 continues the discourse by integrating problems and challenges of the moment.


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