What is Urban Dialogues?

Urban Dialogues creates spaces for dialogues between urban experts, scientists, practitioners and relevant actors from businesses and industry. Here, they come together to identify and analyse current challenges in urbanisation and to develop innovative solutions together. The active involvement of local actors enables a direct implementation of the results. The programme draws on Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft’s existing expertise in urbanisation issues.

Why Urban Dialogues?

Cities are developed according to their spatial conditions and financial realities. Different visions of the future as well as uncertainties are also shaping this process. All over the world, cities are growing rapidly, especially in Africa, whose urban development is currently the focus of our dialogues. Urban Dialogues aims at highlighting the relevance of the urban dimension in the development of international cooperation and at developing solutions to current challenges.

In this context, we consider the co-design of urbanisation processes as a contribution to fostering a free and open society which enables urban dwellers of today and tomorrow to participate socially and economically in the urban life of the metropolises of the future. 

How does Urban Dialogues work?

Urban Dialogues develops solutions for the urgent urban issues of our times and aims to strengthen their implementation and cooperation.
In 2018 and 2019, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft hosted three Urban Africa Roundtables. These events focused on the political frameworks for German-African cooperation with regard to urbanisation. Experts from sub-Saharan Africa, international scientists and advisors from different areas exchanged their experiences. In parallel workshops, they worked on issues like urban employment development or integrated policymaking. For the future, different event formats are planned with the aim to develop co-creative approaches.

Upcoming Activities in our Project Area „Cities“

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